About Michele Moore

Michele Moore is the CEO and developer of the Happiness Habit, the Happiness Blog, the Creating Happiness Blog, Happiness In Hard Times and many others including How To Live A Happy Life - 101 Ways To Be Happier. Michele produced and hosted Happy Life TV for several years on Cable Channel 24 in Atlanta.

Michele Moore is an energetic, entertaining, high content author and speaker who delivers Happiness Habit® related programs to organizations and business groups. She also writes Fight with Finesse - The Fine Art of Cheerful Corporate Combat.

An MBA who enjoyed twenty years of management, technology and organizational consulting, Michele brings extensive business expertise and insights to all of her programs. The daughter of two physicians, Michele adopts a strong analytical approach and corporate perspective to the study of happiness.

Michele is author of How To Live A Happy Life - 101 Ways To Be Happier, a new book that shares powerful insights and specific steps anyone can take to be happy or happier. It explains the strategies, values, beliefs, habits, ideals and boundaries habitually happy use to be happy.

Happiness In The Workplace shares Happiness Habits that bring greater joy to your job, your service delivery and your organization. See HappinessHabitsAtWork.com for details. Our Sparkle! programs energize customer service delivery.

"Through the years we interviewed and studied Habitually Happy from all walks of life. We found they have a very distinctive way of looking at the world the fuels their ever present joy and protects them from stress and distress.

Their Happiness Habits are far more and very different from just a positive attitude. Once you understand what works and why it works so well, it's simply a matter of practicing the skills for yourself. Anyone can learn to become habitually happy."

Michele also compiled and edited Happiness Through Time, a book of happiness wisdom quotes from 3,500 years of history describing how to live a happy life.

Michele is also author of Sound Like A Million™ Voice Skills for Business People - Super Charge Your Career in 60 Minutes, a powerful new patented program that helps sales and customer contact people sound and feel great and shows them how to get superb results with customers and clients.

Story Skills for Speakers-pdf and
Sound Like A Million On Your Next Sales Call-pdf.

Sound Like A Million™ draws proven, effective techniques from professional broadcasting, theater and voice training, expands and enhances them into an enjoyable, effective, easy to implement program that helps people sound better immediately.

Sound Like A Million - Super Charge Your Career In 60 Minutes is available on Amazon.com

Michele is CEO of Happiness Habit, Inc. an East Coast USA based company that develops media programs that help people lead happier, more effective, fulfilling lives.

Michele's programs change lives!  "Our programs strengthen and empower people to live happier, more effective lives..."

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Michele Moore Author, Speaker, Happiness Engineer