Add Sparkle!® and Professional Charisma to Your Service Delivery!
Enjoy Abounding Energy and Enhanced Well-Being On and Off the Job.
Drive Performance Excellence with Delight and Zeal to Excel and Do Well.
Based on the Happiness Habit® research and a basic belief that everyone wants to succeed and be happy, Sparkle!® programs add fun and energize personal commitment to excel and do well to your workplace.

Learning and applying a few simple skills makes a big difference in how people and organizations think, act, feel and interact with customers, clients and their colleagues.

Each Sparkle!® program is customized to meet the specific needs, challenges and desires of your organization. Sparkle!® programs can be tied to performance review processes and can be reinforced and rewarded through a variety of enjoyable Service Excellence events.

Tired of traditional Customer Service programs that leave people bored and resistant?
Do classical Customer Service events seem cloying or counterproductive?
Ready for a new approach?

Bring Sparkle!® and the Happiness Habit® message to your group or organization! Sparkle!® Puts You Ahead Of Your Competition

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Sparkle!® Drives Performance Excellence With Delight!

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Sparkle! Professional Charisma - Drive Excellence with Delight