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  • Voices Affect Feelings - Over the telephone, 100% of our professional image is conveyed by how we sound. People decide what they like and don't like based on what they hear. This means they like or they don't like you, your company or your product based on how YOU SOUND!

  • Five Fast Fixes To Sound Better Immediately - Five fast, easy skills you can learn to sound polished and professional immediately. Put the power of a professional broadcaster into your voice right now!

  • Learn Secrets To Abundant Energy, Enhanced Concentration & Abounding Well-Being - Feel better all the time - on and off the job.

  • Five Finishing Touches - Enhance speech clarity, project polished professional power and ensure your professional and sales success.

  • Sound GREAT Because You Honestly Feel GREAT - How to genuinely feel great and sound great ALL of the time.

  • Power-Posture™ - Optimal energy, polished professional power, focus, relaxed well-being and mental acuity made easy.

  • The Real Source of Stress & How To Conquer It Forever - It's much easier than you think!

  • Defining Your Personal Prescription to Sounding Better and Feeling Better.

  • Why We Don't Know How We Sound - It's not the voice mail system, that really IS how you sound!

  • Coaching Yourself To Speech That Really Sparkles!
    - Your own personal prescription to Sound Like A Million!

And Get GREAT Professional Results!
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Sound Like A Million™ is a Happiness Habit® Company

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•  Speak with a Beat™ add Power to your Speech
•  Power Vowels™  for Compelling Emphasis
•  Slivers of Silence™ Sharpens Diction & Adds Clarity
•  Punctuate with Pauses™ Eliminate Ear-itating™        Errrs, Ahhhs and Ummms from Your Speech.

Plus Many More Powerful Techniques to Super Charge Your Career!

Michele Moore Author, Speaker, Happiness Engineer